List Of Apartments that Accept Evictions 2023

If you’ve been evicted before, it may be difficult to find housing again.

When screening prospective tenants, many landlords will immediately reject anyone who has ever been evicted.

The good news is that you still have choices.

Use a business that helps people find apartments despite having an eviction on their record.

These organizations frequently have relationships with property managers who are willing to rent to tenants with less-than-perfect rental histories.

You can also conduct your own apartment search and make direct contact with potential landlords to see if they are interested in having you move in.

Remember that finding a location to call home may require some extra time and energy, but it’s possible with the correct strategy.

In addition, there are charitable groups and other housing options that welcome formerly evicted tenants.

They may offer you the community and tools you need to get your life back on track and establish a solid foundation.

Personal security may also be enhanced by the fact that many of these establishments provide specialist assistance to people who have a history of criminal activity or substance abuse.

In some eviction-accepting buildings, the tenant may be required to have a co-signer in order to secure a lease.

A co-signer is a someone who guarantees rental payments in the event that the primary signer cannot.

Co-signers can be anyone, including close friends and family.

Most apartment complexes that are willing to accept evictions have strict requirements for tenants, including the presence of a steady income and employment.

Certain rental complexes may additionally mandate that occupants carry renter’s insurance.

Apartments That Accept Evictions

You may be able to obtain housing despite an eviction record by contacting the following apartment complexes and apartment locating agencies.

1.) Corporate Housing By Owner

In the United States and other countries, this firm offers fully furnished apartments for rent.

They provide a variety of renting alternatives, including “second chance” units for people who have previously been evicted.

2.) 2nd Chance Apartment

Helping people in Arlington and Dallas find apartments despite adverse credit history, bankruptcy, eviction, criminal record, or broken lease is the specialty of our apartment-locating service.

Thanks to their established network of local apartment communities, they can choose from a variety of attractive possibilities.

3.) Siegel Suites

These facilities can be found all across the United States, especially in Orlando, Florida. They are accepting applications from people of all credit backgrounds and offer apartments that do not require a credit check.

those who have been evicted before. It’s important to remember, though, that they may demand a larger security deposit or rent as a result.

4.) Park Avenue

Park Avenue is an apartment complex in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that may accept tenants with evictions on their rental application.

Studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments are all available for rent.

5.) Marlowe

These apartments in Detroit, Michigan, are ideal for low-income renters or people with a previous eviction record.

A greater security deposit or monthly rent payment would be necessary, and a co-signer might be needed, too.

6.) Whitcomb

Whitcomb is an apartment complex in Detroit, Michigan that may accept applications from renters with an eviction in their past.

Studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments are all available for rent.

7.) 13027 Rosemary

The management of one San Antonio, Texas, apartment building considers renters with evictions.

They provide low-cost housing options but may ask for a larger security deposit or higher monthly rent to cover their potential losses.

8.) Houston, TX

A number of apartment communities in Houston, Texas, may still consider applications from those who have been previously evicted.

Places like the Siegel Suites, Whitcomb Street, and Rosemary Street are among these.

Prepare to pay a larger security deposit or monthly rent, and maybe even supply a co-signer, in order to get approved for a lease.

9.) Dallas, TX

Apartment communities in Dallas like 2nd Chance Apartment and Dallas Texas may be willing to rent to those who have been evicted before.

It’s important to keep in mind that some high-risk apartments may require a larger security deposit or monthly rent payment.

10.) Austin, Texas

Certain rental applications may be considered by 2nd Chance Apartment and other apartment complexes in Austin, TX, even if the applicant has an eviction on their record.

A greater security deposit or monthly rent may be necessary in certain cases.

11.) San Antonio, TX

The city of San Antonio is home to a small number of rental communities that may be willing to consider applications from people with previous evictions.

Park Avenue is an example of a complex that welcomes applicants with low incomes, poor credit, or previous evictions.

When it comes to finding a place to live in San Antonio after an eviction, Marlowe is another complex that may be flexible.

12.) Detroit, MI

There are a number of apartment complexes in Detroit that might be willing to rent to people who have been evicted in the past. Whitcomb, found on Whitcomb Street, is one such complex.

13027 Rosemary, also on Rosemary Street, is another alternative for those on a tighter budget.

13.) Houston, TX

While most Houston rental properties would not accept tenants with evictions on their record, there are a select number that may make an exception.

One such complex is Siegel Suites, which has multiple locations across the city.

If you’re looking for an apartment in the Houston region and have low credit or a history of eviction, another choice is 2nd Chance Apartment.

14.) Dallas, TX

Many apartment communities in Dallas may be willing to rent to people who have been evicted in the past.

In the Dallas area, one such complex is the Second Chance Apartments, which rents out units to people with poor credit or a history of eviction.

2nd Chance Apartments is another alternative with several locations in the Dallas area.

15.) New York, NY

Even with an eviction on your record, there are still a few housing possibilities in the Big Apple.

One option is to apply for financial aid from the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) or the New York City Department of Homeless Services.

You can also try contacting landlords individually and explaining your circumstances, or use a firm that does not do credit checks to help you find an apartment.

16.) California

If you apply for rental assistance from the California Department of Housing and Community Development or a similar agency, you may be able to find an apartment in California that will accept you despite your eviction history.

Section 8 is a government program that helps low-income households pay their rent.

17.) The NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority)

As a provider of low-cost and accessible housing for those with low incomes and special needs, the state is another option for those looking for rental help.

18.) Use Apartment Finder

In addition, you can look for flats on your own by using an apartment finding service or by contacting individual landlords.

If you want to boost your chances of being accepted as a renter, you should be honest about any previous evictions and show that you have developed into a responsible and reliable person.

19.) Low Income Housing

In addition, you might look for low-cost or low-risk rental units.

Applicants with a criminal record or poor credit may find a more receptive audience at these establishments.

20.) Section 8 Housing

Section 8 housing, which helps low-income people and families pay their rent, is another viable choice.

Another choice is to look for rental properties that don’t conduct such scrutinizing checks.

It’s possible that you’ll have more luck finding housing at these establishments despite your previous evictions.

But, you should be aware that there may be additional restrictions and fees associated with renting a luxury property.


Last but not least, it’s wise to take steps toward bolstering your financial standing and credit score.

You can boost your chances of being accepted as a tenant by showing that you would be a responsible one by doing this.

Paying bills on time, lowering debt, and establishing a reliable rental history are all good examples of this.

It is feasible to find a rental unit that will accept you despite your previous evictions if you keep looking and take the appropriate approach.

Always be forthright and honest with your landlords about your history, and have proof that you can reliably pay your rent on time.

Another option is you can find houses for rent no credit check and no deposit.

Charitable groups and other housing options are available as well, and this site has a list of churches that help with rent for emergency assistance to help you get back on your feet and build a solid foundation.